But First, Coffee

coffee break

I find myself literally saying this statement just about every morning. “Sure, I’ll read that email…but first, I need to drink some coffee.” “Yeah, I can make you breakfast…but first, leave me in my peace with my coffee.” “Yes, no problem, I will call you at 10am…but first, I need to mentally be removed from my existence and escape to my space where I can think clearly, wake up peacefully, and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead of me.” This time I take every morning to enjoy my daily coffee ritual, isn’t so much about drinking the coffee as it is about self-care. Continue reading

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What It Means To Be Willing


I’ve been reading this book lately, Wheels of Life: The Classic Guide to the Chakra System, by Anodea Judith, PhD. (which I HIGHLY recommend everyone should read this book at some point in their lives), and recently I’ve been diving deep into Chakra Three: Manipura. Also known for its fire-y element, located at the Solar Plexus in the body and is where this chakra fosters self-power, strength, ego, self-definition, and the will. I’d like to share with you an important passage from this section of Dr. Judith’s book before getting any further into my thoughts about this. Judith writes: Continue reading

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Skin Care & Beauty Series: Part 2 – Toners

62280388 - overhead view of cosmetic set and flowers

What’s in a toner? What is even the purpose of a toner?! For the longest time, I was convinced that toners do simply that: tone the skin on your face. By that I mean, they even out the skins surface, get rid of dark spots, and give you that perfect, healthy glow. Although many toners do just that, I came to find that the original purpose of a toner is Continue reading

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A Note About Resolutions


As I rung in the new year, snuggled warm in my home with my family, I was overcome with a sense of joy and optimism…so much that I couldn’t help but smile. I was excited to think about what 2018 has in store for me. What adventures will I embark on? What new things will I learn about myself? How will I change? How will I grow? This past year was so big for me. There were so many changes, so many new beginnings and only a few endings to old chapters that needed to be closed. This year brings so many new chapters that are just beginning to unravel. Continue reading

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Relieve Stress While You Work


Whether you work for a major corporation, a small time “mom & pop” shop, a restaurant, you’re a teacher or a student, dealing with the demands of any type of work that you do can be overwhelming and at times almost unbearable. With bosses and professors to answer to, deadlines to meet, busy shops full of customers coming in and out all day, an eight hour day can feel like a twenty hour day. By the end of it, exhaustion and frustration kicks in, the headache creeps up, and your body starts to ache from being drained. Continue reading

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How Continuously Moving Forward Gets You Out of Thorny Situations


Have you ever noticed when the going gets tough, the harder it is to keep moving? As if your feet were stuck in quicksand and every inch you move pulls you deeper and deeper into the earth. It’s common in this life to face unexpected challenges, even challenges that you saw coming. However, it is how you react, how you manage handling these challenges that will ultimately determine how you get through these difficult stages throughout your journey. Ask yourself: will I allow this quicksand to drag me down deeper and deeper? Or will I keep reaching for the rope that is barely a foot out in front of me, moving inch by inch until I can grab on and pull myself out of this thorny situation entirely? Continue reading

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Skin Care & Beauty Series: Part 1 – Facial Masks

21546598 - young woman getting facial mask and gossip . isolated.

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. Reason being I have been fighting this DVT thing (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about but would like to know, please read my last post: What Is Gratitude?). I’m now eight months pregnant, and battling the ever climbing heat here in Colorado. Not to mention getting my 6-year-old prepped and back in school last week, visiting with family from out of town, and making a last ditch effort to enjoy what little is left of the summer.

So for my first post back, I wanted to kick-start the reads with a Skin Care & Beauty Series I have been working on over the last few weeks. Continue reading

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What Is Gratitude?

41619177 - young woman in yoga pose sitting near watefall rear view

Lately, this word gratitude keeps popping up in my mind. I keep thinking about it, wondering what it truly means to be grateful. I keep thinking about how to find gratitude during times of tribulation and adversity. It’s easy for us to find gratitude when our lives are running smoothly, when things feel like they are going in the right direction, when happiness is all that can be felt. But, what about when the times get hard and there’s mountains to climb, peaks to summit, large waves to cross, and storms to endure? It’s during these times that we forget what gratitude is. We tend to move inward during times of hardship, reflecting our fears and our anxiety outward in the form of bad attitudes, crudeness, and stubbornness, accompanied by muscles aches and pains. Continue reading

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Food is for Eating, Not for Rotting! 3 Money & Food Saving Tips


We’ve all been there…starring into the fridge looking at leftovers that were cooked days ago, wondering if it’s edible now. Should you try it? Maybe it’s not that old. What day was is actually made? I can’t remember! So, you move on to the next container, asking yourself the same questions, or you pull together some ingredients to cook a new dish. Continue reading

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Have Fun in the Sun This Summer: 3 All Natural Ways to Beat the Heat


With summer temperatures in the U.S. climbing, finding ways to keep you and your family cool seems like a difficult venture that not everyone really wants to deal with! Of course staying inside where the air conditioning is blasting (if there is one available to you that is), is always an option. But didn’t you just spend your entire winter inside? Continue reading

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